Fermion mass and mixing pattern in a minimal T7 flavor 331 model

A. E. Cárcamo Hernández, R. Martinez

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© 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd. We present a model based on the SU(3)C⊗ SU(3)L⊗ U(1)Xgauge symmetry having an extra T7⊗ Z2⊗ Z3⊗ Z14flavor group, which successfully describes the observed Standard Model fermion mass and mixing pattern. In this framework, the light active neutrino masses arise via double seesaw mechanism and the observed charged fermion mass and quark mixing hierarchy is a consequence of the Z2⊗ Z3⊗ Z14symmetry breaking at very high energy. In our minimal T7flavor 331 model, the spectrum of neutrinos includes very light active neutrinos as well as heavy and very heavy sterile neutrinos. The model has 16 effective free parameters in total, which are fitted to reproduce the experimental values of the 18 physical observables in the quark and lepton sectors. The obtained physical observables for both quark and lepton sectors are compatible with their experimental values. The model predicts the effective Majorana neutrino mass parameter of neutrinoless double beta decay to be mββ= 3 and 40 meV for the normal and the inverted neutrino spectrum, respectively. Furthermore, our model features a vanishing leptonic Dirac charge parity violating phase.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2016

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